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Graphene in Air Filtering

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Graphene has extremely large specific surface area, which is about 2630m2/g, as well as good flexibility. These factors boost its adaption in air filtering, especially in anti-haze filters.

Currently in the market, anti-haze filters are usually electrostatic-particle based, dislodging particulates due to electrostatic adsorption. However, as time goes on, moisture in the air weakens the ability of electrostatic adsorption and reduces efficiency.

Researchers have discovered a new way of air filtering by introducing graphene. In this application, Graphene sheets grow in the base materials with unique composite technology, forming a multiple-layer graphene sheet system. The system efficiently blocks particulates thanks to the multi-stage filtration. Moreover, we do not need to worry about the reduced efficiency as there’s no electrostatic involved.

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