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Graphene in Coatings

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Coatings, especially anti-corrosive coatings, are a major industrial application of graphene nowadays.

The superb electrical conductivity of graphene makes it a perfect substitute and complement in the heavy-duty zinc-rich coatings. Graphene helps connect zinc powder in the paint and greatly reduce the consumption of zinc in the paints. With a small amount of graphene added, around 50% zinc powder can be replaced (from around 75% in weight to 25% in weight).

Moreover, graphene has large specific surface area and ultra-thin laminated structure helping form a dense physical isolation layer. Graphene can also enhance the adhesion of coatings and reduce the thickness of the paint film, making it more wear resistant and durable.

Thanks to those features, 20-30% of coatings can be saved, volatilization of VOC will also be reduced, and the life of coating can be prolonged 2-4 times.

Graphene’s applications can also be found in other types of coatings, such as conductive coatings in automobile industry and leather coatings.

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